‘Clean and Jerk’ on Hessle Road


Hull sportsman Owen Lockwood has been in touch with us about the sport he’s passionate about: Weightlifting. This is not just about guys (or girls) just trying to boost their Pecs and Abs and looking at themselves in the mirror, this is a serious Olympic Sport and thankfully it’s part of our culture in Hull. Proactive performance Gym, in Liverpool Street off Hessle Road, has been open for around a year now, opened in 2013 by ex rugby-league player Alex Benson, and strength and conditioning coach Andy Clark. It’s different from the general ‘fitness’ gyms that you can find all over the country, this is a place that provides real athletes with a place to improve their game (whether it be rugby, weightlifting or sprinting), and lets them do it in a great atmosphere with an abundance of sporting knowledge just a question away.

The equipment is excellent and FIT UK – a company which delivers personal training qualifications – also operate from this gym, and they also have an ‘in- house’ physiotherapist who can provide great advice and treatment.

Owen, himself, is doing his best to promote weightlifting in Hull; “I started competing in weightlifting in early 2013, and since then I have won the Northern U23 Championships, but my ultimate aim is to reach the qualifying standard for the Commonwealth Games 2018.” This is a British Weightlifting Affiliated Club and they’re qualified to teach the sport.

They’re happy to welcome budding new weightlifters, but they also emphasise that weightlifting will help 99% of other sports-people (especially sprinting and football/rugby) as it enhances co-ordination and increases power & strength. Girls also benefit – and no, it doesn’t make them “masculine”, just fitter!