A Special Chilli Sauce made in Hull!

A unique chilli sauce manufactured in Hull has been such a hit with rock fans that the first 1,000 bottles sold out almost immediately. The sauce, “Devilspit Hot Sauce”, is being made by Hull company Chilli Devil Sauces on behalf of CJ Wildheart of Brit rockers The Wildhearts, to promote his new solo album “Mable”, which was released in June.

Wildheart says “Devilspit is a gourmet, hand made, combination of chilli sauce, BBQ sauce and beer. Three of my favourite things all in one bottle!” Customers’ have made their opinion clear with comments such as “Absolutely mind blowing”, “Very tasty and a great kick”, ”head-spinningly good” and “It’s like Satan just made dinner”. Ian has been making up to 20 varieties of chilli sauces and other products full time in his Arthur Street premises in Hull since January 2012, mainly for sale at local markets and independent retailers and he said he’s open to making any custom sauces for anyone, however small the order.

If you’d like to try some of Ian’s custom made chilli sauces go to his website www.chillidevilsauces.com for more info on how to buy, or text him on 07788 602991 for a call back. (The Devilspit Hot Sauce can also be ordered from www.pledgemusic.com/projects/mable