Arty Coiffeur at Esquire

NEWS Esq Wall 1

Arty Coiffeur at Esquire… What a great idea! One of our regular advertisers Esquire Hair on Princes Avenue have come up with a fantastic and unique idea – they’ve decided to double up their hair studio as an Art gallery! Darren Glover, the man behind the inspiration, explained to us, “I already had some nice pieces of my own choice on the wall and then I was approached by a local artist asking if I could showcase some of his work and then I thought ‘what a good idea.’ There’s a large wall available and a few other spaces in the studio, so I thought I’d do it properly and launch it as a gallery within the studio.” A hair studio is obviously a great place for a gallery in order to contemplate some creative pieces, either whilst waiting for your turn in the chair or even when you’re sitting in it! At Tenfootcity we’re just amazed that hair studios have never hit on this simple but brilliant idea before. All the work that is displayed by local artists is available to buy and the prices are easily affordable. Go in and have a look and get your hair expertly sorted at the same time!