Hull Music Scene: Babies

MUSIC Babies

After forming only fairly recently, Babies have attracted attention almost immediately with their fresh style of surf indie. Their tracks are a culmination of everything within their sound to create one very solid melody with emphasis on that, but by being a three piece they manage to keep a sense of minimalism. The instruments, especially the guitar, are used more sparingly to create a more powerful impact when applied. Subsequently this leads the tracks to have a more airy, fresh feel and a lightness that gives the tracks a real allure. Vocals are almost offset against the guitar – each answers the other, whilst the bass maintains the main part of the melody throughout, with the consistent drums supporting this in turn as the pivotal backbone, each element being a cog in the machine to create a sound that they seem to find easy to come by.

Ultimately their only currently available tracks, (RunFast and 2048) which can be found on SoundCloud are built for a live arena rather than recorded and this can be seen through the way that they pull you in. They have grandeur through their steadiness and the simplicity with which their music is put together. Everything about the band is underpinned by being lo-fi, with a very DIY approach to playing and writing – guitars are fuzzy whilst vocals are whimsically sung in a fashion with an attractive softness. Softness is the allure of Babies – their music, relaxed and warm but still with a live, exciting presence which balances the two approaches perfectly, to create the one whole finished product somewhere betwixt of heavier indie and lighter guitar pop. Check them out.