Creator College – nurturing Creativity in Hull

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Creator College is a centre for learning about creative industries and the arts. It is located in Queen Victoria Square in the city centre. I asked Mal Williamson one of the tutors and founders to tell me about it

“The majority of the arts are based around freelance work (90% according to the DTI). Young people often do not know where to go and often neither do teachers, youth workers or careers people. Creator College aims to make the creative industries far more visible for young people. We know that many of the city’s schools have struggled for a variety of reasons. But for creators and artists of all disciplines this is especially bad… people are still talented, still interested and still excited about arts and the creative industries – so where do they go?”

“Creator College can be used by professionals too – designers, photographers, writers, coders, business owners, musicians. All are welcomed and happy to hang around and have a cuppa. We want to make sure that Hull’s young people get to see that there is a creative industry in the city and that it’s thriving. And we want to do is make sure the industry knows where it can reach people and put something back.”

“At CC we also offer studio recording. A recent job for instance was for the World Health Organisation. We have rehearsal space with several bands using it and we have large rehearsal stage in the main room. We also have professional musicians available for teaching, drums, vocals and guitar etc.”

“We also have executive coaching service for creators. This is part-business development and part ‘change work.’ Less counselling and more of ‘what do you want to be doing?‘ Or, how do you want to feel when this happens? Using NLP and a range of neuroscience techniques we can let change happen instantly… all at your pwn pace. NLP…Neuro-linguistic programming…. is a model of subjectivity…how humans work… a way of knowing what it is we do, that gives us access to changing what we do. It’s famous for fast phobia cures, hypnotic language patterns and even training world leader!. The Creator Coach service has worked with film-makers, musicians, writers, lecturers, programmers, designers, singers to get the results they want.

“NeurocreatorTM is our own collection of techniques and approaches – a research project involving people around the world to discover what makes creators buzz. We are unpicking what the creative processes are, so that creators can excel when they want to, relax when they want to, and at the same time, survive with a proper income.”

“From October you can join us on the first Tuesday in each month – 6-9pm for £5 we offer training & coaching in anything from meditation to phobia cures to business development to enhancing your creative practice. NeurocreatorTM covers communication excellence, creative strategy, how to teach easily, attitudes to money, the shamanic traditions, developing your sensory acuity and all things neuroscience and change work.

“Young people are ace. They are into stuff. And we are looking for young people aged 16-18 not on a course yet who would consider themselves a creator. Into music, art, writing, coding, designing, photography or fashion. You can join our course which runs for about 5 or 6 months then end up with a Level 1 Qualification as a Media Creator.

“We are working with City of Culture, Hull College and City Arts Unit to develop creative apprenticeships in this area. We want to make sure there is a fantastic legacy from 2017 and so have been developing a flexible group of employers for two years now because a pool of flexible apprentices will be available for record labels, bands and small enterprises. We have contracts with East Riding College and also work for the NHS Mental Health Trust developing new ways of working with young people experiencing psychosis. Creative approaches can work wonders and alongside our NLP and ‘changework‘ skills we are making some differences to young people’s lives in this as well. Exciting work – which is perhaps unique in the country.”

Creator College is part arts centre, part college and part production company. There are three studios, musical instruments, cameras and art materials. There is artist-in-residence scheme giving 24/7 studio time in return for volunteering with students. Other volunteers are always welcome and can have training and support in return.

“We are a strange hybrid of a social enterprise and a research centre – exploring ideas and always applying what works. Our aim is simple – to provide the best education a creator can have!”