Hull Music Scene: Dead City Streets

MUSIC DeadCityStreets2

One of my main problems with hardcore is the complete loss of lyrics – Dead City Streets however seem to compensate for this though, with the heavy drive which they have behind all of their tracks. This skill is well outlined by their EP, which has a sense of controlled chaos seeming to fracture any melody in a subtle way. Their sound is obviously mainly geared to be an exciting live show, but the recordings also render an impressive allure too; unlike a lot of bands in the same vein. Elements of pop punk are also apparent – especially in the way that the guitar has a overlayed dis-chorded attitude, especially apparent in the title track, ‘Revolt’, offering a loud and unashamed ‘fuck you’ which is surprisingly aesthetically pleasing to the ear. In some ways, the vocals force you to really listen to the track more, and become one with the sound created –making the listener ‘feel‘ through their musical heaviness rather than any lyrics – arguably something much harder to do.

The vocals have an uncanny way of simply becoming another instrument in the sound. ‘Playing Kings’, has signs of a band quickly progressing, and becoming something more in the future – hallmarked by a clever juxtaposition between the initial introductory monologue and then the heavier vocals – but keeping the same whimsical guitar riff, until bringing in a much heavier segment to the track. This gives it a well-written sentimental feel, and because it is undoubtedly slower makes the band more welcoming to a broader audience. Dead City Streets are set to play Download this year, an impressive feat for any fairly new band. Apparently also in the works, is their next EP, which will be a split between them and another Hull band ‘Outlive’. Dead City Streets, impressive hardcore, made in Hull. ‘Revolt’ is available on soundcloud