Hull’s ‘Museum of Club Culture’ latest stuff


The unique museum on Humber St, off the Marina (open on weekends) has some more interesting stuff running or coming up.

The Detonators photographs were shot in and around SE London where most of the members of the Detonators Car Club are based. They continue the tradition of ‘hot rodding’. Hot rods were a very special breed of American vehicle, they were described as ‘Jazzed up Jalopies‘ and speed was the name of the game. This exhibition documents the club. Ross Trevail is a Scottish photographer recognized for his black and white documentary images of subcultures. Runs until the 3rd of August.

The Badge Mania exhibition, starting on the 5th September, celebrates the history and myriad of functions of the humble badge, even featuring Josiah Wedgewoods Anti Slavery badge of 1787! Hundreds of badges including biker insignia, punk badges, political-awareness badges to the classic smiley will be on display charting the history and social and political influence of the badge.

Dutty Lingo is a quad screen aural history installation. Throughout the next few months, they’ll be interviewing Hull- based people about their nightclub experiences from any era. This will culminate in a 4 screen installation at The Museum of Club Culture during The Freedom Festival in September.

If you are interested in coming along to share your memories, please contact: