Message to you all from a Bosnian Hullie

Hi Tenfootcity readers, my name is Hakija(Haki.) I came to Hull in the mid-nineties as a refugee from Bosnia-Herzegovina. On my arrival people of Hull were very supportive and welcoming, so thank you for that hospitality, I now regard myself as a Hull person and I’m very proud of that. I’m writing this to bring awareness of recent floods and landslides in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Floods are not very common in our part of the world but this one had a devastating effect on the whole region, many people have lost everything. They had rebuilt theirs houses after the terrible war in Yugoslavia in the nineties, but now they will have to start again from scratch. And apart from the material loss, many people have also tragically lost their lives. The main purpose of me writing this is to thank all the people and local businesses of Hull who have donated financially and materially so far. From me, and other Bosnians in Hull, thank you very, very much. Your financial help went towards buying an Ambulance in Germany that was driven to the part of Bosnia that was most affected. We are now working on setting up a Facebook page to show people how far your money has gone. I, and others, are still working on helping people back home, as the recovery time will unfortunately last for a long time to come. Anyone who is willing to still help in any way, or just want to know more about my country and the catastrophes we’ve suffered, please do not hesitate to contact me. One big thank you to you all.

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