Hull Music Scene: Need


Need have come out of nowhere to create a new heavy indie sound. Their tracks are well worked, with every part being integral to create the overall crafted, kneaded sound that they purvey. Guitars are obviously the main focal point of this maelstrom with the two guitarists helping to whip up this storm. Their talented axe-wielding leads to a sound much fuller than most can pull off effectively – coupled with an effective composing style.

Their single ‘Flatline’(which can be found on their SoundCloud page) is a primary example of this – ripping from quiet, unassuming delicate verses, moving immediately into thrilling choruses… holding the energy of the track in perpetual transit and also giving a sense of largeness to their music. The vocals are unashamedly, (and refreshingly), Hull (and Northern) with rich lyrics displaying a timeless simplicity that exquisitely seem to be about nothing at the same time as everything! The reinvigoration borne from a new post-indie brand of music (bands like Life & Skaters predominately) is that drums and bass are playing a new major part in musical composition.

Need are a brilliant example of this with the slow, momentous drumming carrying the sound. Bass is also instrumental in this composition; it sits itself neatly within the tracks whilst at the same time never being something that slips into the background. When the tracks erupt the bass and drums support each other down to a tee to offer the song a backbone, a canvas with which to paint upon with the guitars and eventually creating something cleverly explosive, rather than uncontrollable. Need. A new Hull band with a great sound and style of composition.