PAVE event to support the Warren Campaign. 26th July


As most of you are probably aware, The Warren is under threat of closure due to government funding cuts. Of course, like everyone else who cares about this city, Tenfootcity believes that this can’t be allowed to happen. The Warren has been supporting the young people of this City, in various ways for over 30 years now and it is a valuable and integral part of our culture. Did you hear that? Yeah, I said “Culture.“ We’re supposed to be a ‘City of Culture‘ so to even consider closing something as important as this is a crime. We’ll support the campaign in any way we can (see our “Last Word” page) and so are many other local independent businesses. One of these is Pave on Princes Avenue with a special event to raise funds for the campaign. It’s on 26th July from around 3pm in the rear garden. Loads of local acts will be appearing including Lyn Acton, Matt Hogg, Emily Moulton, Jody McKenna, The Dyr Sister & Emma Fee and many more. Sponsors and Donors (to date) are Carlsberg, Matthew Clark, Hiver Honey Beer, Tom Woods Beers, Great Newsome Brewery, Scarborough Brewery & Pave, so get yourselves down there and support the fight for the continuation of The Warren.