Hull Music Scene: SquareWaves. Hull’s alternative electronic music


An album of alternative electronic music from Hull, produced to raise money for the RED Gallery

As we all know, Hull is a wonderful hub of creativity and we believe we should do all we can to help support and keep it alive. Unfortunately RED Gallery, a non-profit organisation which showcase arts of all media, have lost a large amount of funding in recent years.

Hull has incredible musical diversity; from intense metal to brilliant indie to bouncing house music; but one of the often overlooked styles is within the alternative areas of electronic music – something that ‘Mola Mola‘ love. Mola Mola are a music and arts collective based in Hull, a group of friends comprising of musicians, artists, DJs and all round culture lovers.

As well as releasing music, they put on events in the city and further afield. They’re constantly collaborating and they’re always happy to welcome new people to the fold. To Mola Mola it made perfect sense to release a compilation CD to help raise money for RED Gallery and spread the word of Hull’s diverse electronic artists at the same time.

The Artists involved are Apple Max, Counting To Zero, DXN, Government Yard, Jykkälä, MyOneManBand, Teotl Expansion and Weird Ribs.