Stanley’s Brasserie – now established as a jewel in Hull’s Culinary Crown!


Stanley’s has been open for over five years now and it has established its place as one of the most respected restaurants in Hull. This is high-end cuisine created by expert Chef’s, but at prices that just about everyone in this city can afford, either on a regular basis or as a special occasional treat. They’ve been part of the vanguard of new businesses that are rejuvenating the city centre of Hull, making it more attractive and introducing a new standard of quality. It’s situated right opposite the Station Hotel, just across the road from St. Stephens, so it’s really easy to get to, and is situated in the new “Paragon Square Plaza” right in front of our famous Cenotaph, with a large outside seating area that catches the sunshine all day long, so the situation is absolutely perfect. Lots of people in the city have already discovered Stanley’s and so they are already dedicated customers, but we know there are loads of you yet to visit and discover what a really friendly place this is and how beautifully the dishes are cooked and prepared, at prices that won’t shock you. Stanley’s is great during any day of the week for lunches and afternoon meals, but is also fantastic for evening meals before, or after, visiting Hull Truck Theatre just across the road, especially considering that Stanley’s also includes an adjoining bar, ‘Stan’s Bar’ (what else?) where you can relax with quality beers, fine wines and spirits before, or after, your meals. Now, after being successful through difficult economic times, it’s time for Stanley’s to move onto a new level, make developments and offer some new ideas…

“It’s been a long hard road and we’ve made it through the hard and difficult period. We’ve established ourselves well and now it’s time to push onto the next level and offer something more,” explained James, who owns the business with his partner Paula. “Our customers love Stanley’s and that’s why they’re regulars, but we still want to attract the people who still aren’t familiar with us, so we’ve introduced some new ideas with some great ‘theme’ nights (and afternoons) so that we can present our quality cuisine with special offers.“ These specials that they’ve introduced include the Wednesday ‘Grill Nights” with an American Barbecue influence, where people can enjoy things such as spicy chicken wings, corn on the cob, Louisiana ribs, steaks, pulled-pork, burgers and hot-dogs. It also includes the Stanley’s “Mega-Plate Challenge” which is a gigantic platter full of all the Grill night favorites. Tuesday night is going to feature a host of new nights and an “Over Sixty-Fives” club has even been introduced for Monday & Tuesday afternoons. Friday nights are now titled “Thank Fizz it’s Friday!” which is going to offer some classic Fish-dishes alongside the perfect accompaniment – Champagne! This ‘Fish & Fizz’ will be a special treat for Friday evenings after work, so if you work in the City, there’s no need to rush home when you can relax and have a delicious meal at Stanley’s. Lot’s of you are already familiar with this fantastic local independent restaurant, but for those of you who still haven’t discovered it, you need to visit as soon as you can.

You’ll be pleased we sent you to Stanley’s!