The ‘ART of Hull’ on Princes Ave


Alive With Art is a new Pop – Up art gallery located on the ground-floor of Union Mash Up on Princes Avenue. There is an eclectic mix of work of many genres, styles and media and they have books by local publisher Wrecking Ball press. There is also a functioning graphic design facility run by the curator, who also happens to be the designer of this very magazine! Check out

Hull has a whole wealth of talented artists many of whom have not had the exposure they deserve, nor a place recently to display what they are capable of, or, for the public, an easily accessible place to visit and view this talent on the high street in the area. The intention of AWA is help the many local artists to showcase their work in a friendly and un-fussy environment on the Avenue. They currently have lots of delicious pieces from artists in the city and, of course, they’d love to display more. If you would like them to see your work, please let the gallery know. The gallery also takes commissions for all varieties of work too.

Currently AWA is open daily Tuesday to Saturday. The opening hours during August are Friday 10am til 7pm and on Saturday 12noon until 7pm.

AWA particularly likes painting, prints, cards, books, sculpture & local music and possibly creative photography.