Hull Music Scene: Young Jack

MUSIC YoungJack

Young Jack have been a constant force in the Hull music scene recently, one of the most hard working groups around and now they are back with a new EP, Gold. Their music has always been well worked rock and roll, but through experience their writing is becoming better and evolving stylistically. The band have now been going for two years, intermittently releasing but almost constantly gigging around the city and they have forged for themselves an impressive reputation as one of Hull’s most exciting bands.

The EP has four tracks – consisting of ‘Gold’, ‘Coming To Get You’, ‘She Said’ and ‘Down and Out’, tracks which are built on a classic rock vibe with a lazy slowness but retaining an underlying sense of excitement at the same time, mixed with a rougher indie feel. This approach to songwriting means that the tracks are more unique – they capture a newer feel that they have worked so hard to evolve, a sound that has a coolness through its conservative composition and a more relaxing, but still enthralling sound. The band are obviously capable of big things, (recently booked to support the Happy Mondays but unfortunately that event fell through.) Hopefully this EP is the first step of bigger things to come in the near future. ‘Gold’ is released on the 17th of July, through Warren Records.